5 Skin Saviours that you might be missing!

With the arrival of the cold weather, we need to start up-ing our skincare game, but with the C word approaching there is also presents and lots of saving to be done, so money is tighter. Below are my top 5 skincare saviours that can really give some extra love to your skin and even better won’t break the bank. So you can concentrate on saving your money for bills, presents and maybe a sneaky make up purchase from one of the many lovely AW collections!


My 5 Skincare Saviours!


Flannels are an inexpensive addition to your skincare routine, you can get a pack of four from Penny’s (Primark) to those of you outside of Ireland) for a couple of euro but they are an extremely hardworking worthy item.  Flannel’s can retain heat better and so are extremely effective for cleansing and removing make-up. You can throw them in the wash too, so use a fresh one every day, especially if you are prone to break outs.  Flannels also act as a natural exfoliator when washing your face so help to get a more even complexion and tackle dull skin.

Fish Oils

Fish Oils used to remind me of the thing your mother used to try and force feed you on a spoon and how it was VILE! Thankfully there is a whole range of fish oils now that are less gag inducing and you can take them in capsule form too. Taken every day (with food) they can help regulate oil production in your skin to boost hydration, prevent acne and reduce skin inflammation; they also have anti-ageing benefits to stave off those wrinkles. I personally love the Eskimo Fish Oils but there are so many to choose from you can find one to suit you and your budget.

Coconut Oil

Oh coconut how I love thee!  This is one of my most loved products EVER! I have yet to meet a food, product, smell, or anything in fact with a coconut in it that I didn’t like. If it contains coconut sign me up… Ahem anyway I digress back to why this turns me into a rambling mess.  Coconut oil (specifically extra virgin coconut oil) is cheap as chips and it does EVERYTHING.   Seriously it’s so multifunctional and it works. It’s a fantastic way to keep your skin and hair soft, healthy and supple. You can use it as a hair mask, lip balm, cleanser, moisturiser, body moisturiser, on your cuticles or slather it all over your face and leave on for thirty minutes like a mask. You can even cook with it. You can find this in in any health food store, but my coconut oil of choice can be found in Dunnes for just under €5 and is on par with some of the more expensive versions found in the likes of Holland and Barrett.

Hot Water and Lemon

Lemons are a fantastic addition to any beauty regimen. Lemons are a great source of calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium – minerals and antioxidants that improve the appearance and condition of our hair, skin and nails. Squeezing some lemon into some warm water every morning has some fantastic skin benefits.  The levels of Vitamin C helps to decrease wrinkles, it also acts as a detox for both our skin and body helping to keep your skin clear and tackle any bloating as an added benefit! It can also help to detox the liver and is a top tip for tackling dark circles under your eyes.

Dark Chocolate

Yes chocolate!!  However these benefits only apply to dark chocolate that is at least 70% or over unfortunately so we can’t have all of the chocolate in aid of beauty. Sigh!  But back to the dark stuff, researchers have found that it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish the skin.  Flavonoids found in dark chocolate absorb UV light, acting as a natural SPF for your skin, help protect and increase blood flow to the skin, improve skin’s hydration and complexion. Additionally dark chocolate has been found to reduce stress hormones thus helping prevent collagen break down and fighting fine lines and wrinkles.

So do you think you’ll be adding any of these to your routine and what are your top beauty saviours?


Blushing with Benefit!

Everyone has one “go-to” make-up item that makes them look alive on a no make-up/minimal make up day or completes their look for a night out, mine is blusher. Even if I don’t have one other scrap of make up on me, I just feel a swipe of blusher immediately makes me look fresher, perkier and put together. My blusher of choice for this important job is Benefit’s Coralista.

Coralista is shockingly enough a coral pink toned blusher. While the colour may look scarily strong in the pan this actually works beautifully on both fair and medium skin tones and really warms up your face and is just all round very flattering.


As with a lot of Benefit blushes Coralista is scented, although not overwhelming so and I find this fades after time it also doesn’t irritate the skin so sensitive skin types should be ok with this.  It features a slight shimmer running through the product but this is very fine so you don’t need to fear a throwback to your youth where if you didn’t walk out of the door looking like a human disco ball you needed more make-up/glitter….. was this just me?? The shame!

Ahem, back to the blusher, the other fantastic thing about this, is how pigmented it is. You only need a light swipe to get a gorgeous flush of colour, and it can easily be built up to achieve a more dramatic pop of colour making it great for both daytime and nights out.


photo 1

Scary Blusher Pose!

So any downsides to this little box of wonder? Well two gripes with this blusher and Benefit box of powders in general which seem to be a pretty common consensus out there, is the packaging and the price. First the packaging, I adore Benefit packaging I love its quirky vintage style and it’s just so pretty looking! However as pretty as it looks the packaging doesn’t wear too well tending to get a bit battered and disintegrating slightly over time which is a pity because the blusher does last a long time which is great but the longer you have it the worse your packaging looks.

The second issue is price and that ever maddening Irish mark up. This retails at £23.50 which somehow converts to €34. Why Benefit why?? We love you so and yet you continue to do this with every product! Sigh…..

However all that been said I do adore this blusher. So tell me do you share the Coralista love or what other blushers do I need in my life?

Hydraluron – You need this in your life!

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Hydraluron is one of those much hyped products in beauty circles and has become something of a cult product amongst beauty bloggers, between that and the beauty guru Caroline Hirons adding it to her hall of fame product,  it’s safe to say that you need a bit of Hydraluron if your life. (By the way if you don’t know who Caroline Hirons is please see her blog immediately here  your skin will thank you I promise)

So does Hydraluron live up to all the hype and why do you need it?  Well to put it simply yes and – in two words hyaluronic acid.

Now far from being something scary hyaluronic acid is actually something that is found naturally in our skin. A hydration ingredient it acts to retain moisture in your skin and is found in abundance in younger skin. However as your skin begins to age it begins to decrease in these moisture levels which is why it’s such a popular ingredient in our moisturisers and serums.

Hydraluron uses a premium grade of hyaluronic acid from the Netherlands that can attract 1,000 times its weight in water. It basically works on your skin as a magnet drawing in moisture from products put on top of it and helping bind the water into your skin.  Better hydration levels in your skin mean brighter skin, an improved skin tone, and banishment of the signs of ageing caused by dehydration like fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydraluron aka my secret weapon!

Hydraluron aka my secret weapon!

So how do you use this wonder product? Very simply this is a product that will help your moisturiser perform better it doesn’t replace it. So you apply a small amount over the entire face before applying your other moisturising creams twice a day. If you use a serum, apply your serum first, and then Hydraluron and then your moisturiser last.

The other fantastic thing about Hydraluron is it literally suits all skin types. Even if you have oily skin chances are you still suffer from dehydration. According to Caroline Hirons (seriously, a guru I tell you!) 95% of skin types are dehydrated so every skin type benefits from this as quite simply it is a product that makes your own skin perform better.

Adding this to my regime has helped tackle my dehydration issues and while I knew my skin was more hydrated it was a subtle improvement, but then I ran out and whilst waiting for pay day took two weeks to replace this in my routine and I can tell you I really noticed its absence then. I was still using my usual ahem army of products, but my hydration levels definitely dropped, and I found myself piling on more moisturiser then usual just to keep up.

This is available from boots and will set you back €32.50 for 30 ml but you only need a pea sized drop so this should last you awhile. Added to that as over times it increases your skins own ability to hold on to moisture you should also find yourself using less moisturiser so you should see that lasting longer for you too so double win!