Blushing with Benefit!

Everyone has one “go-to” make-up item that makes them look alive on a no make-up/minimal make up day or completes their look for a night out, mine is blusher. Even if I don’t have one other scrap of make up on me, I just feel a swipe of blusher immediately makes me look fresher, perkier and put together. My blusher of choice for this important job is Benefit’s Coralista.

Coralista is shockingly enough a coral pink toned blusher. While the colour may look scarily strong in the pan this actually works beautifully on both fair and medium skin tones and really warms up your face and is just all round very flattering.


As with a lot of Benefit blushes Coralista is scented, although not overwhelming so and I find this fades after time it also doesn’t irritate the skin so sensitive skin types should be ok with this.  It features a slight shimmer running through the product but this is very fine so you don’t need to fear a throwback to your youth where if you didn’t walk out of the door looking like a human disco ball you needed more make-up/glitter….. was this just me?? The shame!

Ahem, back to the blusher, the other fantastic thing about this, is how pigmented it is. You only need a light swipe to get a gorgeous flush of colour, and it can easily be built up to achieve a more dramatic pop of colour making it great for both daytime and nights out.


photo 1

Scary Blusher Pose!

So any downsides to this little box of wonder? Well two gripes with this blusher and Benefit box of powders in general which seem to be a pretty common consensus out there, is the packaging and the price. First the packaging, I adore Benefit packaging I love its quirky vintage style and it’s just so pretty looking! However as pretty as it looks the packaging doesn’t wear too well tending to get a bit battered and disintegrating slightly over time which is a pity because the blusher does last a long time which is great but the longer you have it the worse your packaging looks.

The second issue is price and that ever maddening Irish mark up. This retails at £23.50 which somehow converts to €34. Why Benefit why?? We love you so and yet you continue to do this with every product! Sigh…..

However all that been said I do adore this blusher. So tell me do you share the Coralista love or what other blushers do I need in my life?


8 thoughts on “Blushing with Benefit!

    • Oh no!!! That is the worst! I have to say as flimsy as the Benefit packaging is nothing has ever broken thankfully! I think did some good how to guides before on how to fix broken and shattered make up if it ever happens again!x

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